Jisun I am so sorry


And I helped!

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joeygeag vs Ryan Gosling

"The Year of Luigi is over when I say it’s over."-Luigi


I did some speed drawing of my OC Mille-feuille and Cherie(My Fire Emblem Avatar). Each 4 min. Maybe I should make this my habit and aim to do better.

My friend Le asked me to draw one more with my non-dominant hand…including an eye patch…… so I did.
Are you satisfied now. ARE YOU.

I am very satisfried, alphina.

joeygeag got me a minifig version of me! Thanks, bud!

Ring ring “hello?”
“Hi, this is your bank calling to confirm a few purchases-“
“If you’re asking if I spent $260 on Lego. YES I DID. *makes airhorn noise with mouth*”
“Sick, Brah.”

*This didn’t really happen. Although whenever they do call me they always seem chill and interested in what I got.

"On that day, Leo received a grim reminder."

"On that day, Leo received a grim reminder."